Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic GrowthSM

We deploy existing technology platforms (developed by the
Boulder Crest Institute) and new ones to facilitate training and support for providers, as well as nurturing and supporting those walking
their PTG journey.

At the Institute, we recognize both the opportunities and limitations presented by technology. While many believe we can solve the mental health crisis nearly exclusively though the use of technology, we take a more nuanced view, derived from considerable on-the-ground experience.

When it comes to those who guide and support others during times of struggle, from mental health professionals to clergy, friends to family, we believe that virtual training environments, and effective learning management systems, can be leveraged to train individuals and groups in the principles and practices related to Posttraumatic Growth.

We are presently building our PTG training curriculum, and exploring the most effective ways to integrate offline and online training modules, and provide a pathway to certification. 

When it comes to supporting those who are walking the road to PTG, our experience working at our two PTG Academies — Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona and Boulder Crest Virginia — demonstrates that technology is best utilized after initial training is conducted. This is consistent with Brene Brown's notion that when people struggle, they lack love and connection. The difference between those who have love and connection and those who do not is their belief that they are deserving of it. There is truly no substitute for personal, face-to-face contact, from friends, colleagues, loved ones, and potentially mental health professionals. These connections are the greatest contributors to the sense that those who struggle desire not merely to survive, cope, or even live — but to thrive.  

To that end, we are developing myPATHH, a technology application to support those who experience one of our PATHH programs.