At the core of our effort to enhance the effectiveness of our current mental health system and approaches to times of struggle is Training. We seek to train those on the front-line with respect to trauma and treatment: mental health professionals, primary care physicians and relevant specialists, medical students, interns, and residents, in the principles of Posttraumatic Growth. 

We also know that many others regularly work and interact with those who struggle — from clergy to first responders, teachers to members of the military and veteran communities. 

In 2019, the Institute will launch in-person and virtual training programs, and enable anyone interested in the subject of Posttraumatic Growth to obtain certification. 

The training will focus on the principles of PTG, how to integrate PTG into practices, workplaces, environments, and how to support others in achieving PTG. 

If you are interested in taking part in our PTG training, please complete the interest form below:

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