Surround yourself with smart people who will argue with you.
— John Wooden

The Boulder Crest Institute team is comprised of passionate, curious, and accomplished individuals. Having experienced Posttraumatic Growth in our own lives, we are committed to ensuring that anyone who struggles has the opportunity to walk the road from deep strugle to profound strength and
lifelong growth.


Dr. richard tedeschi

Distinguished Chair

Richard Tedeschi, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and Professor Emeritus at UNC Charlotte. He was on the core faculty for 42 years, and retired in June 2018. Dr. Tedeschi has published numerous articles and books on the concept of posttraumatic growth that he helped to develop. He serves as media consultant on trauma for the American Psychological Association and is a Fellow of the Division of Trauma Psychology and has provided presentations and training on trauma for the U.S. Army, and many professional organizations, clinics, and educational institutions. 

Bret Moore New.jpg

Dr. BRET moore

Vice Chair

Dr. Bret A. Moore is a prescribing psychologist and board-certified clinical psychologist in San Antonio, Texas.  He is a former active duty Army psychologist and two-tour veteran of Iraq.  He is the author and editor of 13 books. Dr. Moore is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and recipient of the Arthur W. Melton Award for Early Career Achievement in Military Psychology from Division 19 and the Early Career Achievement Award in Public Service Psychology from Division 18 of APA.

JOSH GOLDBERG, co-founder & executive director


Josh was named the Executive Director of the Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth in September 2018. In this role, Josh is responsible for leading the development and delivery of training, technology, research and evaluation, and social and policy changes solutions based on the science of Posttraumatic Growth. This includes efforts to scale Boulder Crest's breakthrough Warrior PATHH and Family PATHH programs. 

Josh joined Boulder Crest in June 2014 and served as the organization's Director of Strategy until the end of 2017. In this role, Josh was responsible for the development of strategy - ranging from marketing, communications and strategic partnerships to program delivery and follow-on support. Josh led Boulder Crest's efforts to develop the nation's first comprehensive, non-clinical curriculum for Post-Traumatic Growth, based on our breakthrough Warrior PATHH program, and is the author of four books: the Warrior PATHH Instructor Guide, Warrior PATHH Student Guide,Warrior PATHH Journal, and A Warrior's Journey. Josh, along with Boulder Crest's Founder and Chairman, Ken Falke, wrote Struggle Well: Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma.

In 2017, Josh was named as one of 60 Presidential Leadership Scholars. Established by the presidential centers of George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Lyndon B. Johnson, the Presidential Leadership Scholar program is an innovative leadership program designed to ensure that scholars have the opportunity to succeed in creating and executing meaningful and impactful leadership projects in communities across the nation.

Prior to joining Boulder Crest, Josh worked as a communications executive at ExxonMobil's Dallas headquarters from 2006-2011, and was an entrepreneur-in-residence at 2M Companies. During his time at 2M, Josh began advising several non-profit organizations supporting veterans, with a specific focus on PTSD. After volunteering for a number of months, and in recognition of the remarkable strength, capacity and potential of the men and women of the U.S. military, Josh decided to dedicate his life to ensuring that all those who struggle have the opportunity to transform their struggle into profound strength and Posttraumatic Growth.

GREG MORIN, director of training


Coach is a championship coach and motivator, focused on unlocking the potential that resides within our nation’s combat veterans and their family members. He joined Boulder Crest as Director of Programs in June 2016, after having participated in the development and delivery of Warrior PATHH for 13 months. Coach was appointed to the Director of Training position at the Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth in September 2018.

Prior to joining BCR, Coach spent seven years with NASCAR’s most dominant organization, Hendrick Motorsports, where he coordinated, directed, inspired and taught pit crew preparation, training and choreography for drivers Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

During that time, Coach, and the crews he coached, built a staggering resume. He was a part of four Sprint Cup championships with Johnson’s No. 48 team, while winning two Daytona 500s, three Brickyard 400s and is the only coach in the sport’s highest series to win two MVP Pit Crew of the Year awards.

Prior to joining Hendrick, Coach spent three years as Head Coach and Director of Motorsports for the Performance Instruction and Training (PIT) institute, training students to become potential NASCAR pit crewmembers.

While Coach greatly enjoyed his time in Nascar, and was highly successful, he chose to begin serving our nation’s combat veterans and their families because of what this community stands for. He eats, breathes, sleeps and dreams coaching. As a coach the biggest win and reward is to see your players grow, achieve succeed and then serve out of the desire to live a life of significance. A life that educates, inspires and leads others to their own greatness. He coaches because he wants his kids to have a legacy to grow up with and carry on, a legacy built on courage, discipline, sacrifice and service. Everything the men and women he gets to serve with and for stand for. 

ANNA KAVANAUGH, content manager


Anna is a hard-core Boston native, who married an Army EOD Technician in 2010 and never looked back. She had the opportunity to live in Germany, Alabama, Florida and now Virginia, all while following her husband’s career. She was fortunate enough to make life-long friends as a military spouse that she's still very close with.

Anna is extremely passionate about writing and veterans, which makes her a great fit as Boulder Crest Institute’s Content Manager. A 2009 Emerson Journalism graduate, Anna has always immersed herself in the written word and social media channels. She is extremely passionate about our mission and wants to make sure veterans know about this program and can get the help they need. 

Prior to joining BCR in July 2018, Anna spent her time freelancing from home while raising her two daughters, Emily and Elena. She recently moved to the Winchester area from her hometown of Boston and has previously worked as a reporter/editorial assistant for the Bay Beacon in Niceville, FL, and freelanced for Technology blogs.

You can find Anna on the weekends hanging out with her family, while meeting new people and exploring everything Virginia has to offer. 


Movement is a skill every man and women needs to have. Its a skill we should continue to master for the entirety of our lives. Our brain and body thrive from complex movements and the human body should move without limits well into our twilight years. Since 2011, I have dedicated myself to those ideals as a coach and fitness professional. My passion is simple: coach men and women to their optimum physical potential and to places they never expected they could take their body. I am the proud owner of Unconventional Strength, an elite personal training studio in Orlando, FL where we coach everyone from post rehabilitation clients to World Champion Athletes. I’m married to my beautiful wife, Aubrey and father to my son, Jason.


Chance Taureau's private practice as well as the other organizations he serves have the mission to assist individuals find deeper, clearer understandings of themselves and their choices. This lays the foundation needed to make small, sustainable changes that last a lifetime to improve quality of life, health, and relationships. He has worked with thousands of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds toward results driven change.

He initially volunteered and has since become involved with The Mankind Project International in other capacities for over fifteen years now.

His other passions include teaching intercultural literacy, peace building, and developing programs and serving organizations for Armed Service Veterans with the great hope of helping them integrate back into society and share their gifts, beauty, and brilliance with their communities.

In his free time his loves to travel and pursue greater levels of fitness. He's an avid indoorsman and could probably bench press you.