A key differentiator between PATHH programs and the current mental health system (as well as other retreat-based programs) is PATHH’s focus on sustained support and accountability. The traditional approach is catch-and-release, with short-duration programs followed by a complete void in support.

PATHH programs are 18-months in duration, with a focus on building capacity, confidence, and community, through individual coaching calls and monthly videoconferences. Once students complete their five- or seven-day initiation, they are supporting using Boulder Crest Institute's bespoke technology application, myPATHH.

myPATHH is a technology platform that supports sustained growth and progress by delivering content and tools across four areas: Grow (a focus on self-assessment and self-evaluation), Learn (videos, articles, and related education about all elements of life), Connect (messaging tools to connect with fellow PATHH participants), and Succeed (goal-setting and tracking tools to ensure that PATHH participants continue walking their path to success and purpose).

myPATHH is being developed in partnership with Accenture Federal Services, and should launch in early 2019. myPATHH supplements PATHH Student Guide and Warrior PATHH Journal, Alumni Coaching Program, and importantly, provides students with the ability to access content whenever they want.