Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic GrowthSM

For the past five years, Boulder Crest has worked tirelessly to develop a new, innovative, and effective approach to times of struggle — one predicated on hope, growth, and 30 years of science on the subject of Posttraumatic Growth. This approach addresses the stigma associated with seeking help, and enables people to not only feel better, but to do better — by transforming their struggle into profound strength, lifelong growth, and a commitment to serving others. 

Our approach has been piloted and proven at Boulder Crest’s two Posttraumatic Growth Academies — Boulder Crest Retreat Arizona and Boulder Crest Retreat Virginia — working with combat veterans and their family members, and first responders. These communities reflect some of the hardest hit with respect to mental health, and feature suicide rates that far exceed the general public.

Given Boulder Crest’s remarkable success to date, and in light of an epidemic of suicide and hopelessness afflicting the entirety of American society, it is clear that the Boulder Crest model must be scaled. To that end, Boulder Crest is establishing the Boulder Crest Institute for Posttraumatic Growth. 

The Institute’s vision is to develop, deliver, study, and scale Posttraumatic Growth-based solutions to times of struggle, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidality. Our mission is to ensure that all those who struggle have the opportunity to transform their struggle into profound strength and lifelong Posttraumatic Growth. Our work and beliefs are exemplified by our credo — Vis A Proelio — a Latin phrase meaning from the struggle comes strength. 

The Institute’s four areas of operation — Training, Technology, Research and Evaluation, and Social and Policy Change — provide a platform for scaling our PTG and PATHH work nationally and internationally, and offering training programs embedded within large scale organizations, including the VA, Department of Defense, and mental health community.

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